Whats in it for you?

When asked about the benefits of their membership in Freemasonry, most members speak of the friendships they make or the spiritual and philosophical growth it has stirred in them. There are other benefits men receive from becoming a Masons, including the following:

  • A World Wide fraternity: There are Masonic brothers in almost every country on Earth, from every social, religious, economic, and ethnic background. There is prestige and honor in being a part of the biggest and the best society of gentlemen.
  • Centuries of tradition: The Masonic degree rituals connect you with 300 years of history; 1,100 years of tradition; and 3,000 years of Legend.
  • A network of mutual friendship and aid: Masons pledge to help, aid and assist each other, in every walk of life.
  • Help for you community: The Charities of Masonry are vast and can be as massive as the Shiners Hospital network, as local as a child identification program, or as as shoveling snow from a lodge widows sidewalk. It can mean the entire lodge raising money for a community cause, or a single Brother buying a winter coat for a poor child at a local school. It can mean money or time or the simple act of human kindness.
  • College Scholarships: Many Grand Lodges, and some local lodges as well, offer scholarships for college students. Some of these scholarships are for children and grandchildren of Masons, while others are offered to the community.
  • Retirement homes: One of the most extensive Grand Lodge charities and benefits is the Masonic retirement homes. These homes are designed for members of the fraternity and their relatives. Many of them provide everything from independent-living cottages to intensive-care nursing-home facilities.
  • Spiritual awareness: Masonry does not desire or attempt to replace a man’s religious beliefs. On the contrary, it encourages him to study his own religion, and strengthen his own faith.


Absolute requirements
for becoming a Mason.

  • Be a man, at least 18 years old.
  • Have belief in a Supreme Being (No particular religion or faith is required or excluded. All are welcome.)
    Be of good moral character


  • You should be someone who does, or wants to learn to, enjoy the company of other men from all different social classes, faiths, backgrounds, races, countries, etc. Masonry is universal in its ideals.

If you are a family man, Masonry considers that your family obligations come FIRST, so you must be sure that:

  • You have the time to participate in two meetings a month.
  • You can afford the initiation fees and the annual dues without hardship to yourself or your family.
  • You should come to Masonry “of your own free will and accord”, to learn to improve yourself and to enjoy the company of other good people, not because someone keeps bothering you to join or because you think it will help you “get ahead” in business.

To learn how to join, all you have to do is ask a Mason, preferably someone you know or at least who lives or works nearby.
If you think that you don’t know any Masons in the Estes Park area contact the Masonic Lodge.
(970)  586 4093

Hearing from Masons themselves

Freemasonry embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test of any system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift of man.” — General Douglas MacArthur

“There is no doubt in my mind that Masonry is the cornerstone of America.”— Dave Thomas

“When you go into our lodge, on the back of the Tyler’s chair are the words “Know Thyself ‘ That is important. That is the ultimate message to all Masons: truly know who you are.” — Michael Richards. Actor Seinfield’s Kramer