Trestle Board

Estes Park Lodge #183 A.F. & A.M.

2018 Officers:

WM: Jack D. Olinger

SW: Patrick Blanchard

JW: Matthew Shamburger

Treasurer: Longley Parker PM

Secretary:  Keith List PM

SD: Richard Maza

JD: James Harvery

SS: Ken Brokamp

Marshal: Mike Wold PM

Chaplin: Frank Gunter

Tyler: Marvin Hart PM




From The East:

Brethren, we have a very good year starting to take shape with a full line of officers of young and older Brothers taking part.  And as usual, we are having informal dinners at six p.m. with lodge beginning at seven p.m.–why not come and see what we are doing in your lodge ??   I have over twenty five years in Masonry and am still hearing Brothers saying “I am tired of going to lodge just to hear the minutes read and bills paid.”   I first heard this in 1990.   Your lodge is attempting to change this by having discussions on how we can be a better lodge and offer leadership and history lessons.   Estes Park Lodge #183 has over thirty members, yet only around seven Brothers are showing up on a regular basis to help with lodge affairs.


Here is part of an article from MWB Houton Brian of  Arkansas who sums it up nicely.

Many of our Brethren are laying aside the working tools of life and many more are giving up their Masonic affiliation by simply refusing to pay their dues and coming to meetings. When we add that each year finds fewer men petitioning for the Degrees, the overall situation presents a picture that is of grave concern to those of us who realize that no other organization, be it civic or fraternal, has as much to offer its membership as does the Masonic Fraternity. Before we criticize our former Brethren too severely for allowing their membership in the Craft to lapse for non-payment of dues, perhaps we should take a long, hard look at Masonry as it is being exemplified in our Lodges today, particularly in relation to the leadership qualities of the officers in our respective Lodges. In doing so, let’s attempt to ascertain the reason for our present dual dilemma of suspensions on the one hand and the lack of interest in the Fraternity by non-members on the other.

Today young men reaching their majority are better educated than those of any generation which preceded them. They have been taught by us to spend their leisure time wisely and to affiliate with organizations that are run smoothly and efficiently by competent people with leadership ability. Is it any wonder that it is difficult to keep them interested in an inefficiently run Masonic Lodge?


WM Jack D. Olinger

Estes Park Masonic Lodge – MAP



February is here and we have a busy schedule for the month. Saturday, February 17th at 10:00 AM Estes Park Masonic Lodge will be conducting a Master Mason Degree for Brother Jonathon Tyson. Starting at 8:30 AM will be coffee and donuts. The degree will commence at 10:00 AM. There will a lunch for all after the degree.

Also from the secretaries desk I am pleased to announce and welcome our newest member and Master Mason, Brother Jesse Collins.

Scholarship time is upon us and we are hoping for better student participation this year. Our Grand Lodge deadline for receiving applications is prior to Estes Park Schools distribution of scholarship packets. This makes it the responsibility of each of us to spread the word. If you know of any student interested in applying for a Masonic scholarship, please contact the lodge.

Lastly Brothers, if you have not yet paid your dues please take care of this. If you are having financial difficulties and need assistance, please contact your lodge secretary.

Fraternally and Sincerely

Keith List,  Secretary

Our next stated meeting will be Feb 12, 2018.